[RPG] RuneQuest 6th Ed

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[RPG] RuneQuest 6th Ed

Mensaje por Dorsai el Jue Jul 26, 2012 6:42 pm

RuneQuest 6th Ed
Core Rules

Created in 1978 by Steve Perrin, Ray Turney and friends, RuneQuest is the classic roleplaying game of fantastic adventure with heroes and magic.

Now in a brand new edition, RuneQuest is updated and expanded by Pete Nash and Lawrence Whitaker. Everything you need for fabulous roleplaying adventure is contained in a single volume that has been designed to support any genre of fantasy. The game retains all the key concepts and hallmarks of its earlier versions, but requires no familiarity with the previous editions.

In RuneQuest your characters are defined by their culture, career, community, background, comrades, skills, magic and cults. Progression is through skill advancement – not levels or similarly abstract concepts. As your characters adventure and quest, their capabilities improve and their relationships deepen and strengthen. Players and Games Masters have complete flexibility over what can be achieved, and the way characters develop is entirely dependent on choices players make, depending on their characters’ aspirations and motivations.

Games Masters receive a huge amount of support through the RuneQuest rules. All the concepts and game mechanics are explained clearly with options and considerations explored and presented for ease of use. You need only this rulebook for many years of exciting and imaginative play.

What’s in this book?

RuneQuest contains everything needed for play:

  • Character Creation – building your character through the familiar characteristics, through developing culture and community relationships, choosing a career, and gaining basic equipment according to social class.
  • Skills – What they do, how they work, and how to handle many different circumstances (degrees of difficulty, critical and fumbled rolls, opposed skills, group skills, and so on).
  • Economics and Equipment – Arms and armour, tools, clothing, accommodation... everything your character needs as he or she begins on their life of adventure.
  • Combat – RuneQuest’s combat system is unique, dynamic and geared towards adventurous realism. Gaining success over an opponent generates Special Effects that can rapidly turn the course of a fight. Copious advice is presented on balancing combat skills and styles, through to handling rabble and underlings.
  • Magic – No less than five very different forms of magic are presented and explored, with complete lists of spells and effects. How magic is defined and used in different fantasy settings and campaign worlds is examined in detail. The Runes, what the represent and how they work, is clearly presented.
  • Cults and Brotherhoods – Religious, magical and secular organisations, as well as other kinds of societies are detailed the Cults and Brotherhoods rules. Cults have been an important and traditional part of RuneQuest, and they are covered in significant detail along with templates for many different kinds of cult, order, school and so on for Games Masters and Players to build upon for their own campaigns.
  • Creatures - Over 50 creatures are fully detailed, including several non-human player character races. This chapter also offers complete guidance on how to use creatures effectively in RuneQuest games, and notes on how to design your own.
  • Games Mastery – Copious notes, thoughts and guidance on how to Games Master RuneQuest games. Areas for consideration are summarised, options explored, and different ways of using the rules offered. An invaluable chapter for new and old RuneQuest Games Masters alike…
  • Anathaym’s Saga – Numerous examples of play and how the rules are used are provided through Anathaym’s Saga. Follow Anathaym, her sister Kara, Mju the Mystic and Kratos the Sorcerer as the RuneQuest rules are illustrated and explained.

Pd. En la web de Design Mechanism encontrareis el Games Master's Pack en descarga gratuita...
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Re: [RPG] RuneQuest 6th Ed

Mensaje por darkcavalier7 el Jue Sep 06, 2012 2:08 pm

Gracias por este fenomenal aporte. Una pregunta, para los entendidos: ¿Cuales son las diferencias entre RQ6 y Legend? Más allá del setting, claro.
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Re: [RPG] RuneQuest 6th Ed

Mensaje por Endier1 el Jue Sep 06, 2012 4:45 pm

darkcavalier7 escribió:Gracias por este fenomenal aporte. Una pregunta, para los entendidos: ¿Cuales son las diferencias entre RQ6 y Legend? Más allá del setting, claro.

Te copio la respuesta del foro de The Design Mechanism a esa misma pregunta (en Inglés):

1. Character Creation
We've expanded it in some areas and streamlined in others. There's less chance of a 'cookie-cutter' character with RQ6 than with Legend. Some areas for skill allocation have been de-emphasised and others re-emphasised. Passions form a core part of the rules. All professions have been re-jigged and re-assessed.

2. Skills
These work as before but quite a few have been re-named and re-defined. This makes them more intuitive to use, although the same structure (Common vs Advanced, or Standard vs Professional, as we've now classified them) exists.

3. Combat
Similar structure, but all the Combat Manoeuvres have been tweaked and are much improved. A few new ones have been added. Defensive options are increased; shield-use is overhauled. Movement rules are completely changed, as are rules for charging. Rules for figures-based tactical movement will be included as an option.

4. Magic
Common Magic is now called Folk Magic and is a complete overhaul of the older system. We've de-emphasised the combat nature of many spells (although the old faves of Bladesharp etc are still there) and adjusted the power level quite considerably. It works very differently to the old Common Magic/Battle Magic of yore.

Animism is completely rewritten and includes extensive guidance for use. This is essential as its so different to all the other magic systems. Mysticism is introduced. This allows for Wuxia/Ninja style characters as well as more cerebral, contemplative types. Mystics don't use spells but instead enhance their own capabilities. Divine Magic and Sorcery are far more flexible than before with different options to support their use in different campaign types.

Perhaps most importantly, we've included a detailed introduction to magic chapter which gives guidance on structuring magic in different styles of fantasy, how to source/regain Magic Points, and how to create low/mid/high magic settings using some or all of the five magic systems on offer.

5. Cults
Restructured for a more generic approach, and with a couple of dozen example cults presented for GMs to customise according to need. For settings where cults are not a focus, rules for Brotherhoods/Hero/Warbands/Guilds with supporting mechanics.

6. Creatures
Tons. This is the biggest chapter of the book. Extensive guidance on how to use creatures, how to make your own, and how to play them as characters.

8. GM Guidance
A detailed chapter with advice, tips and samples for GMs including how to prep for play, how to manage each of the core components, some optional rules, and general remarks on how RQ functions based on our - and playtesters' - experiences.


Aparte de eso, y ya por experiencia, hay muchas cosas que cambian, pero casi todo son cosas cosméticas. Vamos, que se puede usar con el otro perfectamente, con ajustes mínimos y cosas que puedes hasta ignorar.

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Re: [RPG] RuneQuest 6th Ed

Mensaje por palmyrean el Vie Sep 07, 2012 1:25 am

Yo lo resumiría en que es más completo y evolucionado que Legend, e incluso contiene elementos de las nuevas corrientes en el rol que lo enriquecen, como las pasiones.

Superior, pero sí, altamente compatible.

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Re: [RPG] RuneQuest 6th Ed

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